James Madison: The Father of Religious Liberty

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"In his refreshing chronicle, Dr. Smith reminds the reader of the importance of the need to vigilantly protect religious freedom in contemporary America."

Mike Lee, United States Senator

There is no Liberty without Faith

James madison was a man of quiet faith who was also intellectually inspired in miraculous ways. Often called the Father of the Constitution, Madison believed rights of conscience were gifts of God, and he was thoroughly committed to establishing a nation conceived in liberty. Throughout his life, thousands of seemingly insignificant events and decisions eventually culminated in the formation of one of the most defining traits of this country: the right to religious freedom.

From constitutional scholar Rodney K. Smith, discover how this right became sacred to Madison and how, with a relentless born of faith in God and country, he carefully wove this truth into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Through Madison's inspiring story, come to see for yourself proof of God's hand in the foundation of our nation and the miracles that are still evident in our lives today.


Rodney K. Smith directs and is a Distinguished Scholar at the Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University. Dr. Smith came to Utah Valley University after serving as Distinguished Professor of Practice and founder of the Sports Law and Business Program at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State; previously, he was the president of Southern Virginia University, while also teaching at the College of Law at Washington and Lee University. Rod served as a dean and law professor at many universities and has authored/co-authored seven books and more than thirty articles, which have been widely cited by scholarly journals and courts, including the Supreme Court. His sixth book, James Madison: The Father of Religious Liberty was released in January 2019. Rod is quick to note that he is inspired to write in hopes of making a better world for his grandchildren and the rising generation.

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